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Aurora emanates light and calmly shimmers with eight bands of deeply meditative binaural beats, anchored in Theta with an undercurrent of Delta and periodic expressions of Gamma band oscillations. Aurora is based on the Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz, relating awe, wonder, and amazement. 

Gammadrone facilitates a more present meditative experience creating a heightened level of awareness. The entrainment technologies created for Gammadrone potently and seamlessly blend with the music. 

Have the clarity of deeper, more penetrating perceptions of people and situations with Insight. During this journey, the embedded binaural beat frequencies shift from a meditative theta frequency pattern to a 4 minute gamma burst called the “moment of insight”, an intense shift of awareness. It’s quite an experience.

Manachi was composed for a documentary about acupuncture. “Manachi” is the Mana and the Chi and it is represents the energy that flows through every living thing. This track features deep theta binaural beats, but the pace is a bit tingly enough to lift you up. 

Namaste is a rhythmic meditation with subtle Aum toning to guide you into a light state of breath-focused theta meditation. Namaste captures the tempo and spirit of the conscious movement of a Seattle based Vinyasa yoga classes.

Solfeggio Suite is a series of ambient pieces based on the powerful Solfeggio frequencies incorporating multiband Theta brainwave entrainment technologies including binaural beats and monaural beats. (80 Minutes) 


Deltadream is based on the ancient Solfeggio frequency “Ut” (396 Hz), a tone associated with releasing emotional patterns; liberating guilt and fear. Woven with complex, multiband binaural beat pattern that modulates several delta bands, Deltadream spent over 300 days on Amazon's top ten. The drifting drones and resonances lull you to restful sleep, while the magickal music quietly leads you to the hidden realms of your subconscious.

Hibernation uses the brainwave entrainment technologies like Binaural Beats to take you deeper and deeper into the Delta state. The Delta state is associated with the deepest stages of sleep. Hibernation is based on the Solfeggio frequency 417Hz, which is said to break up crystallized emotional patterns and to facilitate change and transformation.